It’s Tuesday you wake up early, fresh ready to get the week going as well Monday was well Monday.

Optimistic ready to start the day out and get a ton of work done. Sit down in the actual office today. Working from the bed was cool yesterday but can’t really be productive from there.

Thinking high, I am going to get so much done today like BAM done. People are going to love me and be like thanks you did that so fast.

Then you start sorting through all your projects your working on and realize …. I am not essential.

Working with restaurants, auto dealerships, online chat services, jewelry stores, and many others that take advantage of marketing material. I find myself with almost all projects on hold.

I am left wondering and lost curious about how we can make things work, but at the same time, some of my clients are being shut down. So, now I am shut down too?

Ok, so this isn’t the norm working from home, we are all displaced and lost.  Lost to wonder what is going to happen with the world. I am not alone.

I guess ill start playing in photoshop with some images, open up illustrator mastering my technic.

Its 4:40pm I guess today is done, until tomorrow… I have time to focus on non-paying charity work, what bills?