Working from home now on lockdown. We all will go stir crazy. I mean, I think I will last longer than most people as I am used to the experience.

Day 1 of Official “FORCED” Lockdown: I left the house yesterday so I can reset my breakdown clock to approximately two weeks from today. (Why you ask, I finally got my CPAP machine, I experienced real sleep for the first time in my life, I think)

Now I hoping people take this shit seriously, this isn’t a joke. It’s not fake. Stop doing stupid things.

It is time to work, I have probably 2-4 days of projects at the moment to catch up on so let’s get them done and make them look awesome.

While some of the work is charity work that I don’t charge for its things I have been putting off because I didn’t have time to give it the attention needed.

So maybe this is the time to shine to help others. Charities are for sure, going to suffer at times like this, not able to do fundraising. Along with so many of there, supporters are out of work.

I bust through some projects for 2 hours editing images sent to me, and now it’s time for so Facebook. I usually can make the excuse that I do some work for clients.

Let’s not lie though today. I just need a break, but so I really want the break. I fall into a rabbit hole of reading sad posts and watching videos, and the next thing you know.