As a small business working from home is the norm, people are now experiencing life. They always claim to be jealous of working from home.

Monday is the hardest day, as you have to force yourself to get out of bed after trying to take Sunday for yourself. You might even have a drink or stay up later than usual because hey, you just have to walk down the hall.

Then BAM there is a sound your so annoyed there is this noise going off. What is that?

Ohh it’s my alarm, snooze, I can wait. Most of my work isn’t really working anyways.

Alarm 2, you get up to walk to your desk to work, but your dogs want to go out, so you let them out when you realize.

BING: Shit, I was lazy. I didn’t do the dishes after making dinner I should do those.

Your dog starts jumping at the door wanting back. You yell, go play young ones live.

It’s now NOON, you sit down at your office. Sometimes a bedroom with a desk or laptop on the couch or lying in bed with your laptop watching the emails. Come in.

You sort through your tasks and figuring out what you for sure have to get done today.

Ohh, it’s 12:30 lunchtime baby; what can I eat. Nothing sounds good, and I don’t want to make a full meal. I drink pop and have crackers.

Shit, it’s already 1:25. I have gotten nothing done. Your phone starts to rind because you are not responding.

Ughh, don’t people know I’m in quarantine I thought that meant less work from home.

You work for a few hours, being super productive, hoping your phone stops ringing.

8pm comes around still at the office, and you call it quits. Time for ughh folding laundry.

Tuesday will be a better day…I didn’t change out of my jammies today.